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The following apps have been downloaded over 3 million times and have been featured by Apple on lists such as "Apps For Kids," "Staff Favorites," "App Store Essentials" and more.


We're a small creative studio focused on making products that encourage imagination, play and creative problem solving in kids. We care deeply about how children are engaging in the mobile space and we are building experiences to shape it in positive ways.

We bring first-class strategy, design, and development skills to the table and we produce both critically-acclaimed and commercially successful products for kids. Relying on that approach, we have built a company from nothing over the last 4 years, and we’ve created work that has been featured by Apple, USA Today, ABC News,,, and many others. We are a small, seasoned team (2 full time, 5 part time) but we pack a punch - we're nearing 4 million total downloads and averaging more than a million app downloads per year

Our secret? We are hungry, smart, nimble, experienced, and laser-focused on the kids mobile app space.


In 2009, known as The Guys In The Booth, partners Christopher Taylor and Victor Johnson launched their first app: ABC 123 Blocks - Learning Tool For Toddlers. Mobile app development started out as a hobby - both partners had jobs in advertising at the time - but it quickly became more as their own kids (aka "the beta testers") got excited about the apps.

In 2010, with the help of effective advertising (Tapjoy's Pay-Per-Install), The Guys In The Booth started to see significant sales traction and by late 2010, Victor Johnson was able to shift from burning the midnight oil to working full-time for The Guys In The Booth. The first app launched with one dedicated partner turned out to be the current top app: Build A Train.

In 2011 Christopher Taylor also went full-time and the leap paid off. In August of 2011 The Guys In The Booth collaborated with small design shop Twistcone to release Monster Coloring Book. The app was well received by Apple and was featured on the App Store homepage. It was also featured by, Very Short List and theFWA.

A short time later a follow-up collaboration with Twistcone, Let's Learn How To Draw!, also briefly made the App Store homepage.

Charged with momentum, The Guys In The Booth and Twistcone decided to apply to startup accelerator YCombinator. They were invited to first round interviews in California, but failed to advance to the second round.

Determined to push forward despite the setback, the team decided that a fresh brand to better reflect the company's focus on creative play was important.

And so The Guys in the Booth became Playtend.

In early 2012, Playtend apps were featured three times on the App Store home page.

In February of 2012, Playtend reached 1 million total downloads.

In December 2012 Playtend reached 2 million total downloads.

In June 2013 Playtend reached 3 million total downloads.

Playtend expects to reach 4 million total downloads in October 2013.

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